Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Thank God for the Edinburgh Festival. Two weekends ago, We were in Edinburgh, it is only thirty minutes away by train. Having a day out at the festival is always a treat, The weather was fair witch was lucky. We watched a comedian at The Comedy Stand and tried to book tickets for a second one but were disappointed, he was soled out. We had lunch, then walked along George Street heading for the book festival at Shandwick Place. There are one or two venues on the way and we stopped of in one for a drink. Over a bottle of Becks I was reading one of the programs, from the venue we were in. There on the front cover was Macbeth. I'm sure my heart missed a beat. I had no idea it was on, my own fault, like everyone living in, or close to Edinburgh. We kind of take the festival for granted. I was really excited, thought this was going to be my first time seeing Macbeth on stage. I was to be disappointed. We had missed it by about two hours. It was on every day at one o'clock, so no problem then but I had made arrangements for Sunday and I was back to work on Monday. So it had to be the following weekend and I only had Saturday off, it was going to be tight. So all week I was looking forward to it.

I booked tickets on line and collected them at the festival box office, Saturday morning. We walked the length of Edinburgh and arrived in time for a beer then curtain up. The production was by The Icarus Collective www.icarustheatre.co.uk It was an absolute thrill. Their were seven members of the cast, which to be honest was sometimes a little confusion. It was all there though. The Weird Sisters, Ghosts, Daggers and murders. I'm not writing this blog as a critic, I don't suppose this production was perfect, all I know is I loved every second of it. I was mesmerised. Sophie Brooke as Lady Macbeth was outstanding, hope she becomes a big star. Matthew Bloxham as Banquo, Costa Chard as Macduff and Joel Gorf as Macbeth were all fantastic. Really the whole cast were magnificent. Special mention for Zachary Holton as Duncan. Like the rest of the cast he played multiple parts, he was also the stage manager and the lighting designer. He's been around a long time and his experience shone through, as Duncan he was immense. All the information I have used I got from the program. They are touring the rest of the UK with this production. If you get the chance, go see it.

This will not be the last time I visit The Scottish Play. I am waiting for The Illumination's production of Macbeth on DVD. With Sir Patrick Stewart, Most highly recommended by The Wonderful Dainty Ballerina. I can't wait.