Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The journey continues. Just now I am reading Cymbeline and really enjoying it. Think it's going to be hard to see it performed after I have finished the actual reading, you never know, my best bet is probably, the BBC. The DVD for Coriolanus came in, the other day. My boy Tom, who went with me to the cinema to see it, wants to watch it again, isn't that fantastic! Trouble is trying to nail him down, to watch it. He watched the Globe production of Henry IV Part 1, on TV with me and I caught him laughing at Falstaff. He really enjoyed it,so proud off him. Have to work on Jack too. I know, I'm a sad git! Kathy says I'll have them as sad as me. She saw Macbeth with me and Jack last summer. She loved it, so I'll have to work on her too. I downloaded a couple of plays for my iPod. A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest. I listened to them in my truck, they were fantastic. The Tempest was especially good, as I didn't really know anything about it. I knew it was a shipwreck, a bit like Twelfth Night. So it was great hearing for the first time. I have an Arden copy of the play and I've started reading the introduction, If you know Arden, they are quite, brilliantly, long. I keep looking at Hamlet, on Amazon. You think I should give it a whirl? I have the feeling I'd love it. I have the fantastic DVD, with David Tennant and I think if I read it at the same time as watching. It would blow my mind, I know it would. I recorded all the plays from The Globe, that were on Sky Arts. What a treat they are and, I've still to watch, Romeo and Juliet. Can't wait, as always its getting the time. Well as you can see Shakespeare still holds a place in my heart and always will. I'd like to mention a few people who have helped me along the road. Top of the list, as always, Dainty Ballerina, Ive not got the words, just thanks. Mathew Lyons has a blog that leaves me speechless when ever I read it. Sylvia Morris is incredible, amazing blog. You can find them on Twitter, along with other wonderful history tweepers like @HistoryNeedsYou, @Sarah_Peverley and not forgetting @ShakespeareBT for many an excellent blog post. Well, that'll do it for now George