Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Othello or Henry V? That was the choice I was going to have to make. This is the dilemma I am facing on my Shakespeare journey. I want it all, right now. There is so much to read and watch, I cant make up my mind what to look at first. I am going to have to learn to be patient, and cover one play at a time. I decided to buy Othello. The reason I went for Othello is, I have watched the DVD of Henry V, and I loved it. The scene where they hang Harry's old friend for looting a church is heart breaking, his old beaten face and the look in his eyes, when he just stands on the wagon with the noose round his neck. Richard Briers, absolutely crushing. Once more into the breach; is stirring stuff, with Kennith Branagh on horse back, with the castle walls behind him. Heroic. But, I want to watch and read King Henry IV Part 1-2 first, Try and follow them in order.

So that is why I bought the wee Penguin copy of Othello. I am going to take my time on it. I'll read the play and all the introductions and commentary's first, then get the DVD. I don't know which movie to buy, I think it will be the one with Sir Ian Mckellen as Iago. That's favourite just now, unless someone suggests a better one.

Its just occurred to me, The Merchant of Venice has to be addressed as well. That's what I mean about choices. Banging my head of my laptop here. If there is anyone still reading this, and you are brave enough to stay with me, you might see me explode, or at least witness my breakdown. I'm not going to give up. there is no other person I know personally, that quotes Shakespeare. Badly. I try to tell them what they are missing out on, who knows maybe one or two of them may start to take an interest.

Another choice is Twelfth Night. I think I mentioned it in a previous post, I loved the DVD, but I haven't been able to get a copy of the book. Penguin of course. It really is my favourite so far, so I want to read the play and all the commentary that I can find.

Looking through my copy of The Arden Shakespeare Miscellany by Jane Armstrong. I realise how big a choice I have. So really what have I got to complain about. I am being pulled into a world of wonder and tradition with the finest writing in the English language. This is where the words fail me, trying to describe how I feel about the whole world of Shakespeare. I feel an affinity with all the characters in this world. From Actors to Editors. Blogers and Academics. I am only a novice with a spell check facility on my laptop, but who cares we are all in the world of Shakespeare together. Wish I could think of a good quote to finish on. I cant, there is such a big choice.

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